Bed Bug 101 Canada      BED BUG EXPERTS

  • 2019-04-23 19:18:46

Universally, bed bugs feed at night, although hungry bed bugs may feed any time. In the treatment of bed bugs we cannot neglect the biology along with their behaviour and control strategies, but the inspection is most important and very crucial part of bed bug control strategy or to deal the challenge of infestation of any kind.

Role of the inspection of bed bugs is getting more and more important because of the spread of bed bugs worldwide. We always keep our services updated according to need and requirement of our customers especially when the infestation is at the beginning stage and is very hard to find the evidence.

The failure of the control of bed bugs is because of treatment being done without any research.

Another disadvantage of the treatment without inspection is that bed bugs start spreading/moving from infested places to un-infested places in most of the cases.

It is also observed in the field that non IPM program make the bed bugs worse and they start hiding in the structures, walls, ceiling and cement etc