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Forensic Technology
  • 2019-04-19 05:12:29

To find/detect the early infestation is outstanding one, instead the infestation becomes well-established. To get the extermination done is less expensive at early stage of Infestation as compared to outspread infestation. Correct identification is not easy task and you can be confused after having the infestation of carpet beetle larvae, the reaction of allergy due to the carpet beetle larvae is confusing one with the bites of bed bugs, while just on behalf of bites, it can not be assumed to have the infestation of bed bugs.

It has been observed that people like to throw their things/Items, when they know about the infestation of bed bugs. So throwing of the things are not the solution to get rid of bed bugs, while most of the items can be saved because of treatment. Inspection of bed bugs is becoming more and more critical specially when these blood sucking insects are becoming an epidemic throughout the world.  We always keep our services updated (either inspection or extermination of bed bugs) according to the need of our customers, especially when the infestation is at beginning stage and is very hard to find the evidence. We have variety of early detection program/technology to get the inspection done entomologically, honestly and ethically, forensic technology is one of these.

This technology is brought to you from FORENSIC detection industry. The contrasting specimen inspection lamp provides the special blue light made up of ultra-violet, visible and infra red components. Using the orange filter glass in combination with intensive 455nm light adds vivid contrast to the inspection of bed bugs, eggs, caste skin, and blood feces. We can see the hidden objects by using the FORENSIC technology, the FORENSIC detection technology enables us to add a new contrast dimension to bed bug inspection.