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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs using a Freezer
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  • 2019-05-06 14:06:42

Many of my customers face problems when it comes to bed bug infestations in various small or valuable items that sometimes cannot be steamed or clothes that cannot be dry cleaned due to the cost. Is there an approach that is simple and that saves your money too? Yes, there is.

You might have wondered if you read the title right but you did. You can actually use a freezer to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Recently, I had to deal with such a situation where I found that the fabric that covered the headboard of a bed and the fabric covered legs of the bed were infested with live bed bugs and eggs. After a dry clean process that failed to remove these bugs, I decided to suggest that these items be put inside a freezer with an optimal temperature that would guarantee the death of these little insects. The results we hoped for were achieved as the bed bugs and their eggs did not survive after these items were left inside the freezer for four days.

This method is not a new one and I recalled this being mentioned at one of the Global Bed Bug Summits I attended in the United States. This is effective for items that are highly valuable such as leathers that can be damaged by steam or even for items that cannot be thrown into a washing machine or a dryer such as books. The optimal temperature suggested for this process is about -18°C and it is required to leave the items inside the freezer for about four days at least. The freezing temperature leads to death of bedbugs and their eggs.