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Bed bug inspection Toronto How to inspect room for Bed Bugs
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During your beg bug inspection in Toronto you may discover the infestation is severe and the pests tend to move away from the bed to other locations.


Your Inspection tools may be:

A strong flashlight

Magnifying glass

Plastic zipper bag

Crevice tool

Compressed air


Small tool kit

Alcohol swabs

Sticky traps

Gloves, soapy water, cloth and sponge

A mirror with handle

A notepad


Adjustable spanner


While doing your bed bug inspection in Toronto:

 Inspect the perimeter of the room

Remove all wall hangings (e.g. mirror, paintings, pictures etc.) and inspect them.

If framed photos or art are on the wall open the frames and inspect inside and underneath the paper backing.

Check behind loose wallpaper and peeling paint during your bed bug inspection in Toronto.

Remove curtain rods and examine them carefully.

Check underneath hardware on the walls.

Inspect all door frames inside the room including the bathroom, closet and other door frames.

Inspect inside the bore hole for the latch on each door.

Inspect ceiling lights and fixtures. If bed bugs are found in ceiling lights it may indicate they are moving from the upper floor unit.

If you find bed bugs on the wall during your bed bug inspection in Toronto check that they may be hiding under ceiling moldings, in smoke detectors and in thermostats.

In an established infestation, bed bugs will spread throughout the perimeter of the room (walls, moldings and rugs) and hide in clutter on the floor and underneath the bed.

Inspect moldings and where the floor joins and examine the walls closest to the bed. Swipe the crevice tool in an upward motion behind moldings to chase bed bugs out of the harbor.


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